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Frequently Asked Questions

? Is it your own money you're lending?

We never offer loans from Smartlife company funds. With our wide variety of personal lending product providers, we can match you with the loan that best suits your needs. You shouldn't have to go to five different lenders and give your life narrative to each of them. We can increase your chances of being approved by talking to a variety of lenders.

? In what ways do you need me to detail my finances?

A few enquiries pertaining to previous financial stability are included in our application process. When this is received and it is determined that we can be of assistance, we ask that you email us a copy of your government-issued photo identity and your most recent two months' worth of bank statements. Depending on your credit history and the type of loan you're applying for, you may be asked for additional documentation.

? Can I get a loan without putting up collateral?

Whether or not you'll be approved for a loan will rely on factors such as the amount you're hoping to borrow, its intended use, and your own personal financial situation. There will be instances when we need collateral, but we also have access to unsecured financing options. We will let you know if security or a guarantor is required after we have all the details and have talked to our lenders.

? When applying for a loan, how long should one expect the process to take?

Once we receive everything we need to apply for a loan from you, we will get started. Although the time it takes to close a loan can vary, we always work as swiftly as possible to do so.

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